The corporate identity of a company or brand is defined as a set of attributes and values a company has: its personality, its reason for being or spirit. The image that the company reflects through it’s personality, it does differentiate themselves from others. To this end, a series of visual and psychological tools that seek to influence the subconscious of the receiver are used, causing memory and the consequent desire for the brand, the desired retention.

Nowadays, every company needs to create their own identity, as a way to grow up and settle in the market to which they belong. Therefore, Basquelaw, in collaboration with Marratik, offers the following services:

  • Identity Design: branding and corporate identity development.
  • Editorial Design: Design and layout of brochures, posters, dossiers, reports, catalogs, advertisements, books, magazines …
  • Digital Design: Design digital newsletters, websites and Social Media Marketing jobs pages.