BasqueLaw has professional lawyers who offer legal services in proceedings before the Courts of Administrative Litigation, advising companies, individuals and corporations.

We are always focused on the most favorable position to reach a consensual solution, in order to find the greatest satisfaction of the interests of our customers.


Our department of administrative law is in charge for advising our clients in all proceedings in which an entity, organization or corporation belongs to the public management, managing processes as:

  • Authorizations, licenses and concessions.
  • Administrative contracts.
  • Administrative Law Sanctioning.
  • Civil Service Law.
  • Urban Law.
  • Expropriations.
  • Government subsidies and support.
  • Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Appeals.

Claims for asset liability of the Administration are made from the citizens who have been harmed unfairly by the normal and abnormal operation of a public service, such as:

  • Physical and psychological injuries in people.
  • Damage to material things.
  • Economic and business losses.

Foreign procedures are the ones affecting citizens of another country who are in Spanish territory. These procedures are intended to obtain legal status for those persons, temporarily or permanently, with corresponding rights and can be summarized as:

  • Getting Spanish nationality by residence.
  • Granting or renewal of residence permits for work.
  • Removal proceedings.