The Civil law is the one of the broadest fields in our legal system, due to it comprises the vastness of our private law. In BasqueLaw we have a team with an extensive experience in civil matters, in all terms of guidance and counseling and in the procedural level.

Family Law

In BasqueLaw we are aware of the special care with which we must act in such procedures, and that is why we offer a fully professional service and a friendly and personalized service tailored to the circumstances of each client who comes to our Legal Office to provide them individualized solutions.

The Family Law procedures we perform from the legal department of BasqueLaw Lawyers are:

  • Separations or both contentious marital or consensual divorces.
  • Development of Conventions Regulators.
  • Modifications of definitive measures.
  • Liquidation and dissolution of the various matrimonial property regimes.
  • Alimony claims.
Succession and Inheritance

In BasqueLaw we guarantee the best possible resolution of all matters relating to succession and inheritance, through a comprehensive care which includes all procedures that our law provides for these cases:

  • Advice for drafting the will, in collaboration with the notary.
  • Management of all necessary formalities for the distribution of an inheritance.
  • Reporting procedures of heirs.
  • Preparation of the particional notebook.
  • Division of property and ownership change in records.
  • Managing conflicts between heirs and legatees.

Besides all this, from our tax department, we also offer as a complementary service, the management of all taxes (inheritance, capital gains, etc…), saving time and costs to our clients.

Real Rights

A Real Right looks for the legal relations between people and things (real or personal properties). In this ambit, and in order to protect those rights, we offer our advice and defence in:

  • Issues Condo. Owner Communities.
  • Division commonplace.
  • Issues relating to the ownership, possession, transfer and management of real estate.
  • Judicial proceedings concerning ownership.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial division of assets.
  • Intervention in real estate and construction.
Obligations and Contracts

Contracts are an essential thing for the operation of our lives, and therefore it is vital to perform them properly, with full knowledge of what is desired and what is accepted. Therefore, our legal department provides advice and advocacy on multiple areas of civil contracts, such as:

  • Study and drafting of civil contracts of sales, leases, swaps, options.
  • Real estate transactions; Purchases, exchanges, surface rights, mortgages and other real rights on real estate.
  • Drafting of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Drafting and analysis of general conditions of contract.
  • Claims for payment and unpaid.
  • Issues and conflicts of all kinds in relation to the Agency agreements, distribution, concession and franchises.
  • Evictions.
  • Dealing Procedures regarding the resolution and contractual termination of every kind and nature.
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Matters relating to insurance payment of debts, consolidation and delivery guarantee to fulfill all the obligations.
  • Extrajudicial claims for payment and pre-contentious negotiations with insurance companies to cover all claims, etc.
Legal liability

Under Article 1902 of the Civil Code “who, by act or omission, causes damage to another, intervening fault or negligence, is forced to repair the damage caused.” This precept is the base of the liability of any person who causes damage, which forces him to repair it. Therefore, in our legal department we defend the interests of our clients in procedures such as:

  • Contract liability: Consequences of breach of contract. Medical Negligence.
  • Tort liability: Damage liability claims. Traffic accidents.

Meanwhile, our administrative department also manages the cases of liability for damages caused by normal or abnormal functioning of public services.