Your mortgage contains an abusive ground clause?

They are named as ground clauses the ones that establish a minimum interest rate on loans whose interest rate is variable. As a result, in recent years, many people have seen that their share of mortgage has remained fixed, even though the reference interest rate Euribor has gone down considerably.

If you are one of those people, in our legal department you will find the best professionals at your service for a solution to this problem, and can thus benefit from the drop in interest rates, in addition to obtaining, in certain cases, the return of the amounts that have been wrongly paid.

Our goal is to obtain the annulment of such clauses, if they have been imposed in an abusive manner, without transparency and without any prior consumer information. Through a detailed analysis of each case, we seek the most appropriate, judicial or extrajudicial, way to achieve the removal of these clauses.

If you want more information, you can consult our article “The 5 keys of ground clauses” (in Spanish) or contact our office and make an appointment with our attorneys, who will explain your case further.