Offering a personal service, our Attorneys on the Labour Practice Area try to achieve, first, reconciled solutions to the members of the employment relationship, avoiding, as far as possible, going to the courts and through the mechanisms of friendly solutions that offers our employment legislation. However, sometimes it is not possible an amicable solution, resulting therefore necessary to resort to judicial pronouncement.

The dismissal is the situation where immediate professional consultation is most needed, the speed is vital in these situations, given that the time to react to it is relatively short and any delay may result in the loss of any possibility of success.

In that conditions, BasqueLaw provides coverage to every aspect of this practice area in order to help our clients organize their labor relations according to their specific needs.

Among the many services that labor lawyers of BasqueLaw offer to customers, we can mention:

  • Strategic planning of industrial relations
  • Specific treatment required by senior management
  • Labor audits
  • Collective action
  • Pension plans
  • Flexibility for collective agreements, working conditions and company agreements
  • Advice on labor inspections
  • Labor disputes