Our Trading law department has a thorough knowledge of the law and a continuous practice in the mercantile area which, with the expertise of our team, allows us to provide comprehensive advice in all areas of commercial practice.

With that philosophy, our department performs operations in both national and international markets.

In BasqueLaw we respond to our clients before the insolvency of their company:

  • Advice in situations of actual and imminent insolvency.
  • Preparation of Feasibility plans.
  • Refinancing Agreements.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Circulating Capital Management and Treasury.
  • Settlement processes, closures and divisions of society.
  • Advice on pre-bankruptcy phase.
  • Comprehensive advice on bankruptcy matters.
  • Preparation of the Bankruptcy Report and monitor the bankruptcy proceedings: common phase under agreement in liquidation and qualification.

Besides all this, through our labor department, we offer economic studies for submission of Records of Employment Regulation, and any other labor adjustment measures necessary for the viability of the company.