In BasqueLaw we have advisors with the most current doctrine from the various Administrative Tribunals on the Taxation area.

We offer Consulting focused on the following areas:

Tax filing

Our tax department deals with the submission to the relevant tax authorities of the different taxes, as usual as:

  • Income tax.
  • Value-added tax (VAT).
  • Corporate tax.
  • Inheritance and gift tax.

Also, we preliminary perform tax planning and income tax simulations to provide the best possible advance to ensure the tranquility of our clients in managing their taxes.

Management procedures
  • Corporate tax Adjustments for non-tax filing or payment thereof.
  • Inspection procedures and requirements of tax information.
  • Presentation of consultations with the General Directorate of Tributes.
  • Assists in the preparation of documentation relating to transactions with related entities.
  • Agreements on transfer pricing.
Tax litigations

Besides the above, and in collaboration with our legal department, in BasqueLaw we offer all our customers defense in any administrative or judicial proceedings from tax management, including:

  • Resources and economic-administrative and legal claims.
  • Defending our customers in economic criminal proceedings, particularly in cases of crimes against the Treasury.